Mufflers for His Feet

Mufflers for the feet might sound like it is a strange word but that is not the case when you feel the cold biting into your feet. There are footmuffs of all shapes and sizes as well as different uses.


Out and about shopping she has at last found just the right footmuffs. Women are great at shopping so, she not only bought one for curling up on the couch, but she also got another one for a weekend away from home. She reasoned that the muffs worn in the comfort of her home cannot be relied on for using at the winter cabin trip, and she is right.

On her way out, she suddenly realized that she should have thought of buying one for her boyfriend. So back she went to do just that.

His feet

Men will be men, and as such, they could never get to think that their feet just might be too cold at night in the cabin. Thick boots, thick socks, for use out of doors are more than enough. But women have a little bit of foresight and could be depended on to care for their loved one's feet and all


There is such a thing as a foot muffler for his feet, and as she found the thick woolen, comfy, and navy colored muffs; she was over the moon. Of course, they could not be worn except at home since they are too thick to go into any shoes, but they are warm and will more than serve their purpose. After all, just wearing an old pair of worn thin socks will not keep his feet as warm and comfy as the muffler designed for that purpose.

Trust him to just forget about his feet and their state of warmth!